Letter from the Ascend Greater Philadelphia President

Dear Members and Friends,


2021 - Launching Yourself in a Year of Growth and Transformation


Happy New Year!  I hope you were able to spend some quality time with family and recharge over the holidays.  We invite you to join us in 2021 in launching yourself in a year of growth and transformation. We are excited to bring you fresh programming centered around 1) Mentorship 2) Professional development programs for junior, middle and senior executives and, 3) Investment in community partnerships.  This past year necessitated the display of courage and resilience in the face of unprecedented circumstances brought about by the pandemic and job market dislocation.  But I hope it was also a year in which we uncovered our unique strengths that belie our sense of self that would build resolve within our personal and professional lives, and the way we can impact change in society. 


The success of the Feed Your Hospital Campaign was humbling having raised over $20,000 – this was due to the efforts of a group of Ascend volunteers and key corporate partners who were committed to sustaining the livelihoods of Asian restaurants while delivering healthy meals to frontline healthcare workers.


Our ability to reach so many people is attributed to the carefully curated and high caliber Ascend training & development programs which we will continue to refine to support you in honing critical skills integral to your professional success.  The renewed and expanded focus on mentorship is central to the notion that there is nothing more impactful than role modeling to inspire others with actions and values as they navigate their individual career paths.  And finally, we will continue to build upon our collective power to bring positive change to the communities in which we live and work.


In our call to action, we welcome and invite you take an active participation in Ascend activities combined with an earnest desire towards gaining new skills and perspectives, make new connections and all the while, surrounded by people who are rooting for your success in unquestionably, the most transformative of times.




Elaine Cheong

President, Ascend Greater Philadelphia

We have raised $21,000+ towards Feed Your Hospital initiative till date.  Thank you to all our donors. Click here for more details.  

Our Mission

Ascend is the largest, non-profit Pan-Asian membership organization for business professionals in North America.


As a career lifecycle organization, Ascend offers robust leadership and professional development programs designed to cultivate Pan-Asian talent by supporting its members in reaching their career potential and by supporting its corporate partners to develop a strong, diverse, and inclusive workforce to achieve business growth.

Get Involved! 

Membership Benefits
  • MEMBERSHIP PERKS - Our goal is to help each member reach their career aspirations and maximize their leadership potential while bringing increased value to their organizations.


  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Ascend offers robust professional development and career enhancement programs designed to cultivate Pan-Asian talent.


  • NETWORKING - With enhancing programs, national and regional conferences, business roundtables, mentorship programs, and social networking opportunities where members can engage with and learn from high-potential colleagues.


  • EXECUTIVE COMMUNITY - Our executive community offers senior development opportunities through collaboration with the highest-ranking business schools in the world, such as the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • BUSINESS GROWTH through relationships and access to Ascend’s networks and Fortune 500 global executives

  • TALENT ACQUISITION, DEVELOPMENT AND RETENTION utilizing Ascend’s networks and culturally relevant leadership programs

  • DIVERSITY AND TALENT ENGAGEMENT through partnerships with Employee Resources Groups and Ascend’s programs, executive networks and best practices sharing

  • MAXIMIZE THE LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL of Pan-Asian talent at your organization

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