Be Unstoppable

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Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Zoom Webinar


Today, as the world goes through a crisis, we know that returning businesses to operational health after a severe shutdown is extremely challenging. Your organization cannot come out of this situation easily and quickly purely based on skills and strategies.

 The new economy requires people who will be able to develop the most imperative leadership quality - the ability to be unstoppable, regardless of economy and your title. 

This 60 minute talk is guaranteed to take you beyond technical know-how, and skillset and bound to inspire you to get to the root of leadership and success. You will discover:

  • The top 1% of the people use to be unstoppable

  • Proven Formula to upgrade the results in any economy

  • How to Leverage your inspiration in innovation



Payal Nanjiani

Author and Speaker

Recognized by the media for redefining leadership, Payal Nanjiani is a globally acclaimed Indian-American leadership expert and executive coach. Her keynotes, workshops, coaching, and books have inspired millions of people around the world to develop a leadership mindset and succeed-no matter what. She is the founder of Success Is Within Leadership and has been instrumental in introducing the concept of Success Is Within leadership at many corporates and universities. Payal's work has been embraced by Corporate America and organizations globally ranging from Fortune 500 Companies, Mid-size organizations, and Management Institutions to Celebrity CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Government officials, and Universities. Her advice gets you to your next level- no matter what.

Her books, which are published by the leading publishers in New York, are popular worldwide amongst leaders and corporates, making her a truly global phenomenon. She has been featured on television, global magazines, newspapers, podcast, and more. She is a regular speaker on America's 88.1 FM. Payal lives with her philosophy that leadership starts and ends with you and believes that success can be achieved with both- speed and serenity.