Event Marketing Process

Step 1: 

  • The process described below establishes transparency to the planning stage of Ascend National
    and Ascend Chapters’ events before they get marketed. The intent of this process is to minimize
    conflict in date and time of events, avoid redundancy in topics and maintain high quality of

    • Before an event date is finalized please check the Ascend Events Work-in-Progress List

      to ensure there is no existing conflict. This worksheet will be updated in real time. You may access the worksheet abit.ly/AscendEventsWIP.

    • Once an event date is finalized please submit the Ascend Event Form
      ASAP to add it to the Ascend Events Work-in-Progress List. The form may be accessed at
      Bit.ly/AscendEventForm. The submission will be reflected in the Ascend Events Work-in-Progress List immediately.
      Note: If you have incomplete information such as time or audience at the time of first
      submission you may make a new submission later and add a note in the comments
      section indicating that it is a re-submission.

    • Ascend National will review the submission and its approval will be indicated by
      highlighting the event in green on the Ascend Events Work
      -in-Progress List. If further
      details are needed, we will contact you at the email address indicated in the submitted


Step 2:

  • Once the event details are finalized such as description, speakers etc. submit request to eMembler Support team to create marketing collaterals such as flyer, banner etc. using the marketing template form at bit.ly/AscendEventMarketingForm1 in which you list your preferences for each of the following:

    • Marketing collateral​ creation (flyers, banners and program brochures)

    • Registration page set up and registration report communication

    • Marketing campaigns preparation and scheduling 

    • Social media posts

Step 3:


  • Have the speakers submit the Ascend Event Speaker Form before the event giving permission to Ascend to use the speaker's headshot for marketing, audio and video recording . The form may be accessed at  bit.ly/AscendSpeakerForm.

Step 4:


eMembler team will do the rest.  The chapter team has to approve all work completed by eMembler team.

eMembler team will submit each event to National to be posted on the National calendar using the Ascend Request Form found at bit.ly/AscendRequestForm.

Website Updation Process

For each event

  • the event banner will be posted on the rotating sliding banner on the Home Page

  • event added to Event Summary Page under Upcoming Events section

  • the event will be linked to the Event Detail Page

After the event 

  • the event banner will be removed from the Home Page

  • the event on the event Summary Page will be moved from Upcoming to Past Event section

  • Registration link will be removed from the Event Detail Page and replaced by pictures from Facebook album if any

Feed Your Hospital Initiative Web Page:

If you would like a page related to Feed Your Hospital initiative created or updated on your website, kindly submit using the form at bit.ly/AscendEventMarketingForm2.

Standing Instructions

Kindly use the attached form to submit any updates to standing instructions to the eMembler team relating to

  • Membership related communications

    • Email alerting members of  expired membership

    • Welcome email to new members

    • Welcome email to new sponsored members whose member profile on YM is created by eMembler team

    • Renewal email to sponsored members with membership code

  • Social media postingsto

    • Chapter's Facebook page​

    • Chapter's LinkedIn page

    • Chapter's Instagram page

  • Any other process​

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